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"What a gift you have given these children and the community during such an isolating time. To see them dancing, singing, practicing, collaborating in this way has truly been a magical experience."

- parent


Curtain Up Creative is a musical theater business that works with families, schools and in the community to create custom lyrics and productions.  With years of experience in the world of musical theater and a unique niche in creating custom lyrics and scripts, Curtain Up Creative can help achieve polished and unforgettable songs and productions for schools, community groups or for special family occasions. If you have ever dreamed of bringing a custom song or theater production to life, read on to see how we can help. 


Let's lift the curtain up and get creative!

Our Services

Custom Productions

We work with schools, summer camps, and community youth organizations to create custom musical theater productions.  Services include written song lyrics and scripts, direction, choreography, video and audio editing services (for virtual productions), and collaboration with staff. The process is fun and engaging for the kids and results in a polished unique production.  

Custom Lyrics

We create clever and personalized lyrics to your favorite songs for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.  We will write the perfect lyrics for your occasion, incorporating humor, sentiment and personal details. Click on the Video page to view our previous work to see how we can create a unique and memorable song for you and your family. 


Curtain Up Creative can assist, collaborate or lead virtual or in person theater projects in your community.  We support staff by planning and leading rehearsals, making guide video and audio recordings, and coaching students.

Our Approach


"Wow! It was amazing! Kol HaKavod!  Not only did you succeed in getting all of these children to participate with joy, but they learned their lines and sang their songs and did it all with more polish than I have ever seen in such young children.  And the technology was extraordinary. Can you tell that I was impressed?"

  • Dr. Paul Schneider, educator 


Children involved in our productions gain confidence, have a sense of belonging, and learn important values such as working toward a goal and feeling pride for what they have accomplished. 


Naomi works to make every child feel connected, engaged, and proud of their work.  Each child gets a role and is highlighted in the production. 

Our custom lyrics for special occasions enhance each celebration and bring joy to family and friends. 

Curtain Up Creative brings unforgettable and cherished memories to children and families.

Our Founder

Naomi Gerstenblith

Naomi is a talented singer, lyricist, actress, and director. She is a seasoned performer who has had leading roles in local community theater, but turned her focus to write, direct and produce high quality theatrical productions for children and families. With a Masters Degree in Speech and Language Pathology and three school aged children of her own, Naomi has years of experience working with many different kids to overcome challenges.  Naomi has a passion for music and has written original lyrics and performed songs for countless family occasions.


With these skills and her theater background, she is able to bring out the best in every child, and help your community, school, or synagogue present custom productions for holidays, graduations, or other special occasions. During the pandemic, Naomi has produced outstanding virtual productions and families have been delighted with their children's opportunity to engage with the community during these isolating times.

In person, or virtually as needed, Naomi will bring her special style, talent, and vision to your project or special event. 

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