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What People Say

What Families Say...

"Naomi - congratulations on a fantastic show! It was unbelievably amazing - you did such a fabulous job with every aspect of the production! You made a virtual show come to life."

  • Stacey Shapiro, parent

"Can’t get over how talented Naomi G is!  That isn’t easy to pull off but it was so well done, and love seeing how she showcased each child!"

  • Kerryn, parent

"Thank you for taking us on a wonderful journey to Shushanland this winter.  Your hard work and dedication allowed us to feel connected to our community, which was so important and comforting particularly given the circumstances of this year.  You taught Sophie how to show off her brave side and introduced her to the wonderful world of theater.  You allowed Jack to expand on the skills he learned from you last year and trusted him to help make your dream a reality. We love you and cannot thank you enough."

  • Jamie Maier, parent

"We watched the video tonight and it was wonderful. I just had to get your email so I could tell you what a fabulous job you did. I laughed and smiled. My husband cried. Thank you so much for your hard work and for contributing to the kids love of Judaism. (And music too).  It was clever and delightful. And I know it had to be a lot of work." 

  • Sharon and Jake Benus (grandparents)

"OMG!! You’ve done it again.  Beyond Creative.  I love the way it was all put together.  And the bloopers!! My kids loved.  Such a fun production.  Thank you for this! It made us smile!"

  • Lindsay, synagogue member and parent

What Community Members Say...

"I was completely blown away by this year’s Purim production of Peter Pan.  The production quality was fantastic and the community building opportunity was incredible."

  • Rabbi Michael Safra, Senior Rabbi, B’nai Israel

"You have taken Zoom (or an imitation) to the next level. I am awe stricken by the production. I can't even imagine what went in to making that happen. You remain the highest on my list of supermoms. Please remember me when you are famous."

  • Rabbi David Samson 

"Wow! It was amazing! Kol HaKavod!  Not only did you succeed in getting all of these children to participate with joy, but they learned their lines and sang their songs and did it all with more polish than I have ever seen in such young children.  And the technology was extraordinary. Can you tell that I was impressed?"

  • Dr. Paul Schneider, educator 

"Every time I see your name, I think of that Purim play that you wrote and produced and directed and I am WOWWED over and over again! You are incredible, and when you are all famous, I’ll be able to say, “I knew them when…!” Really, it was so creative and well done."

  • Betsy Cobert (elementary teacher at CESJDS)

"What you do with the entire cast is amazing. Everything you did was quite remarkable including the custom lyrics of all the songs. I think I could have sat another hour and watched more.  Congratulations on a job well done. You deserve all the kudos that I am sure you have received."

  •  Karen Gerton, B’nai Israel Early Childhood Director Emerita

"It was absolutely magnificent!   Wow!  It was the best Purim entertainment ever!   You could definitely send this to Jewish Day Schools throughout the country.  You are so talented! "

  • Miriam Gerstenblith, grandparent and synagogue member

"Naomi, your talent is exceptional.  I can’t begin to tell you how much we are enjoying this!! Mazel Tov!"

  • Suzanne Feurstein, synagogue member 

What Professionals Say...

"Thank you for working with me on this project.  I am pleased that I was able to help bring your vision to screen, but it really was YOUR VISION. And Script.  You did such a marvelous job!"

  • Kenny Holl, video editor

"What an endeavor and what a success.  Wow.  You were able to do so much with so many little kids.  Lots of production value and of course, such clever writing."

  • Laurie Levy Issembert, Executive Producer BRAVO PRODUCTIONS

"We sailed into uncharted waters and never would have been able to pull off such a successful virtual production without your tireless efforts and many hours of commitment to auditions, recording mp3 tracks and videos, rehearsals, meetings, etc.  Thank you for helping to bring the gift of the arts to our students this year!"

  •  Rabbi Matthew Bellas , Lower School Principal, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

"Many congratulations!! This was a really cool adaption and very well executed with such young ones! Really fun concept and the kids did a really nice job!" 

  • Paul Heinemann, Director Young Artists of America Jr 

"I would like to thank you for your deep involvement with The Fanaroff Family Lower School Hanukkah Musical.  It was a wonderful opportunity for students to highlight their talents and gain a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  The Musical is opportunity to put whole-child approach to education we use in action, and I thank you for your enormous contribution in helping the School create a well-rounded environment for our students. I am consistently impressed with the ease and apparent smoothness of the show. I know behind the scenes may be a different story but outwardly the students performed beautifully, everyone was in their place and the families and guests enjoyed themselves.  Thank you for investing so much time and energy in this ruach-filled event for the CESJDS community."

  • Rabbi Mitchel Malkus, Head of School Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

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